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Sep 18 re: Dear Republiturd Bigmouth......

Sep 18 re: re: re: Just like I said before......

Sep 18 re: re: Just like I said before...... pic map

Sep 18 re: Just like I said before.......... (Waaa Waaa Waaa)

Sep 17 Re.Re.Re. NFL and Blacks (Pretty much everywhere) pic

Sep 17 re: re: The NFL and its majority of Black players (Factsville) (Looni

Sep 17 The NFL and its majority of Black players (Factsville)

Sep 16 World Peace (Earth)

Sep 13 TLL vs. GP = Good vs. Evil (Commerce Twp., MI) map

Sep 11 News you will never see on fox (wasilla)

Sep 8 Innovative Kickstarter documentary to bring World Peace

Sep 4 Obama on suicide watch, now if we can get (Around the world)

Sep 4 FYI for "Low Info" idiots. Obama gutted the Top Brass of our Military (US of A)

Sep 4 Utter Chaos From Command Central (Everywhere/Anywhere USA)

Sep 4 Have You Heard About the Salt Lake City Shooting? (Salt Lake City UH.)

Sep 1 ISIS

Sep 1 Is This America, Ms. Ifill? (You voted for the idiot)

Aug 28 The Constitution in crisis (USA)

Aug 24 RE: Dirty Rick Perry (Everywhere/Anywhere USA)

Aug 22 LOL.. What did you Low Info types expect? (Everywhere/Anywhere USA) pic

Aug 21 Gov Perry & TeaBagger Mentality pic map

Aug 21 Isis & Liberalism pretty much the same (Everywhere/Anywhere USA) pic

Aug 20 RE Perry map

Aug 19 Experienced Babysitter Ready to Work (Oakland County) map

Aug 18 Barack Obama SKIPS Funeral of Murdered US General

Aug 13 re: Need PAC/501(c)4 to Help With Promotion of National Job Creation (Seriously???)

Aug 12 Middle eastern protest (sterling heights)

Aug 9 Christians Unite Now (World Wide) pic

Aug 8 re: SUE THE MAYOR OF DETROIT (west detroit) (Learn ENGLISH!!!)

Aug 8 Too little To Late (USA) map

Aug 8 re: war monger obama (peace prize prez) (Obama the Indecisive)

Aug 8 Where's the 'answer my questions' bitch???

Aug 8 re: Politics blow (and you get to vote)

Aug 7 re: Additionally - More proof..... (he's gone with his tail between his legs)

Aug 7 Congratulations - President BIDEN !!! (Commerce, MI) map

Aug 7 re: obama speech template (fill in the blanks)

Aug 7 Just as I thought........... pic map

Aug 7 re: re: re: More proof.......... (historical facts mean nothing??)

Aug 7 re: re: More proof.......... pic map

Aug 6 re: re: More proof (Enough of the selfies Dufus)

Aug 6 RE: Sue the Mayor (Detroit) map

Aug 6 Kerry out does ODumbo (some where in the Middle East)

Aug 6 TeaBaggers LOSE another one map

Aug 5 Breaking News!!!! (Susan Rice Says)


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