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$350 BEHRINGER EURODESK MX 3282A $350 (TAYLOR) pic map

$499 Spector Coda Pro 4 Bass Guitar Natural Stain $499 (Monroe) pic map

$125 Sony 3D Sound Wireless Headphones $125 (Westland) pic map

$1550 90's Marshall JCM900 100W, 1960 Vintage series 4x12 cab, Power Brake $1550 (Westland) pic map

$1 Epiphone Les Paul Special II LTD P-90 guitar Also Peavey Decade 10w $1 (Westland) pic map

$500 Boba Fett Electric Guitar by Fernandez Star Wars $500 (Lincoln Park) pic map

$100 Daisy Rock Electric Guitar Pink Star $100 (Lincoln Park) pic map

Student Violin 3/4 Size. 1965. (Livonia) pic map

Pedals For Your Board. New In Box! (Livonia) pic map

Samick Acoustic / Electric Classical Cutaway (Livonia) pic map

Trombone. Blessing. Preowned. Mint. (Livonia) pic map

$125 K M D 150W Power Mixer $125 (Wyandotte) pic map

$120 Fender Acoustic Guitar $120 (Wyandotte) pic map

$200 Soundtech ST162T 16 Channel Analog Mixer $200 (Wyandotte) pic map

Combo Bass Amplifiers (Wyandotte) pic map

$110 Fender Squire Affinity 20th Ann Strat Guitar & More Epi LP's $110 (Westland) pic map

$865 Music store going out of business $865 (Pinckney) map

Ukes. Books. Strings. We Got That! (Livonia) pic map

$150 Giannini Electric Acoustic Left Handed $150 (Wyandotte) pic map

B O S E / FreeStyle Earbuds (Wyandotte) pic map

$150 B52 100wt Head & Crate 4x12 Cab $150 (Wyandotte) pic map

$350 2-JBL MR925 PA Speakers $350 (Wyandotte) pic map

$350 2-JBL MR925 PA Speakers $350 (Wyandotte) pic map

$250 Y A M A H A - Electric Guitar $250 (Wyandotte) pic map

$250 Line6 Spider III w/ 4x12 Cab $250 (Wyandotte) pic map

River Head Unicorn Bass (Wyandotte) pic map

Several Bass Electric Guitars (Wyandotte) pic map

$250 Ibanez 5 String Active Bass $250 (Wyandotte) pic map

$150 Pair of Sonic T12/Standard PA Speakers $150 (Wyandotte) pic map

Behringer Guitar Amps (Wyandotte) pic map

$100 Knilling Violin 4KT Made In Romania $100 (Wyandotte) pic map

Small Guitar Amps (Wyandotte) pic map

$250 Dean DimeBag Dime Camo ML with Dean Case $250 (Wyandotte) pic map

$200 Fender 15" PA Speakers $200 (Wyandotte) pic map

$899 Vintage 60's Airline Guitar w/ Amp $899 (Wyandotte) pic map

$175 Mackie DFX-12 Sound Mixer $175 (Wyandotte) pic map

$150 Peavey IPR-1600 Power Amp $150 (Wyandotte) pic map

$465 Accent Saxophone $465 (Westland) pic map

Casio, M-Audio Keyboards pic map

Yamaha Bass Guitar pic map

Lyon By Washburn Def Leppard Electric Guitar pic map

Electric / Acoustic Guitars for Sale pic map

Fender Acoustic 6 String Guitar pic map

Nice Blue Yamaha Bass Guitar pic map

$199 Casio WK 1200. Excellent. Clean. $199 (Livonia) map

$110 Randy Jackson True Faith Collection Acoustic Electric Guitar $110 (OAK PARK) pic map

$200 ESP LTD Kirk Hammett Model $200 (Wyandotte) pic map

$300 Vintage Cortez Acoustic Electronic Guitar - Sunburst $300 (OAK PARK) pic map

$125 Squier by Fender Electric Guitar - Sunburst $125 (OAK PARK) pic map

$125 Austin Electric Guitar - Red $125 (OAK PARK) pic map

Tenor Uke. New. Kohala. Fun! (Livonia) pic map

$9 Instrument Inspired Coffee Mug. New. $9 (Livonia) pic map

$245 Corbin Electric Guitar $245 (Flat Rock,MI) pic map

$1500 Martin Imperial Tenor Saxophone Elkhart-Ind. USA with Hard Case $1500 pic map

$250 NEW Kramer 300ST Pacer Classic Electric Guitar Pearl White Made in USA $250 (Metro Detroit) pic map

$350 Gemeinhardt 4SP Silver Plated Piccolo $350 pic map

$275 Johannes Kohr K400 4/4 Violin $275 pic map

$275 Dean PBCE Acoustic Electric 4 String Bass Buitar $275 pic map

$250 J.Michael Pocket Trumpet Horn Mellophone $250 pic map

$750 Yamaha Motif 6 Keyboard Synthesizer $750 pic map

$800 V. Kohlert's Sons Graslitz Wood Clarinet Made in Czechoslovakia Bb LP $800 pic map

$80 Selmer by Bundy student flute with Hard Case $80 (HIGHLAND PARK MI) pic map

E-L-Deford-Elkhart-Silver-Plated-Flute (HIGHLAND PARK MI) pic map

$150 CONN 17 Bb Student Clarinet with ABS Resin LOOKS LIKE WOOD $150 (HIGHLAND PARK MI) pic map

Wide Selection of Amps (Westland) pic map

$15 Stageline Music Stand $15 (Lincoln Park) pic

$139 Strat Style Electric. New. Package. $139 (Livonia) pic map

$125 Boss Loop Station RC-20 $125 (Livonia) map

$599 B flat Baritone Horn $599 (Livonia) map

$325 Fender Pro 185. Red Knob. 2X12. 160W. $325 (Livonia) map

$169 Fender Squier P Bass. Used. Black and White. $169 (Livonia) map

$750 Alesis DM10 High-Definition Drum Module - PAWNMAX $750 (southgate) pic map

Learn Recorder by Mel Bay. New. (Livonia) pic map

$55 Manhasset Model #53DWH Drummer Music Stand, Wide $55 (Garden City) pic

$225 Colegiate Holton Trumpet $225 (Westland) pic map

$145 Buffet Clarinet $145 (Westland) pic map

$125 WT Armstrong Flute $125 (Westland) pic map

$50 Electric Guitar - Barron Pink Guitar $50 (Lincoln Park) pic

$500 1979 Peavey T-60 6-String Electric Guitar - PAWNMAX $500 (southgate) pic map

$2500 Martin D-35 6- String Acoustic Guitar - PAWNMAX $2500 (southgate) pic map

$300 J.B. Player JBEAB4000-N 5-String Electric/Acoustic Bass - PAWNMAX $300 (Southgate) pic map

$50 Peavey Rage 158 TransTube Solid State Guitar Amplifier - PAWNMAX $50 (Southgate) pic map

$180 Peavey Composer 6-String Acoustic Guitar - PAWNMAX $180 (southgate) pic map

$300 ESP LTD B-254 Neck-Through 4 String Bass Flametop Maple- PAWNMAX $300 (southgate) pic map

$350 Ibanez S540 USA Custom 6-String Electric Guitar - BLUE - PAWNMAX $350 (southgate) pic map

$500 Fender Telecaster 6-String Electric Guitar-Black/White - PAWNMAX $500 (southgate) pic map

$1000 1997 Fender Stratocaster Big Apple Made in U.S.A. - PAWNMAX $1000 (Southgate) pic map

$400 Fender Stratocaster Made In Mexico - Cherry Red/White - PAWNMAX $400 (southgate) pic map

Acoustic / Electric Guitar, Amps, Fiddle, Violin, Keyboard, & Banjo (Flat Rock,MI) pic map

$15 Guitar, Bass, And Other Amps $15 (Flat Rock, MI) pic map

$250 Vox VT100 Guitar Amp $250 (Flat Rock,MI) pic map

$145 Rossetti Lap Steel $145 (Flat Rock, MI) pic map

$$$$ For Your Steinway,Yamaha,Kawai, Mason&Hamlin, Baldwin Grand Piano

Crestwood Bass. New. (Livonia) pic map

$549 Spear Guitar RT-ST. New $549 (Livonia) pic map

Student Violin 3/4 Size. 1965. (Livonia) pic map

$50 Sound Company Yardsale!!!! $50 (Belleville) pic map

$125 Digitech Vocal Effects Processor $125 (Westland) pic map

$225 Fender Squier Hello Kitty Strat Guitar, Pink $225 (Westland) pic map

$150 Alvarez RD010 6-String Acoustic Guitar - PAWNMAX $150 (southgate) pic map

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