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Re: team world vision pic


Team World Vision are brainwashers (World Wide)

Sha'quillary Rod'dequam Clintonshanaynay be dancin' so she can be Prez (Cobo Hall...guurrrrrlllll) pic

Congratulations!!! (USA) pic

Democrat voters organize........ (Detroit) pic

email reply : Detroit school system

Detroit school system

Harleys/rice Rockets debate (USA)

These hoes ain't loyal (Kik) pic

Sha'quillary Rod'dequam Clintonshanaynay - ho can't dance fo' sheitt (Who she be kidding?) pic

Sha'quillary Rod'dequam Clintonshanaynay fo' Prezidint 2016 (Cobo) pic

Rice/croch bikers ass funks (In ur neighborhood) pic

society????? (Livonia)

Time to go back to school? (USA) pic

Harley rider pre-ride checklist

re:Please Mr. Hog

Look @ all protests against Trump!?! (California) pic

red twp rat problem (everywhere)

Harley guys vs rocket guys (imports) kinda going back and forth why? (Wayne oak macomb)

Bone Heads Harley Haters ???? (Detroit) pic

RE red twp rat problem (South Lyon)

To The Harley Bashers

Hardworking Woman needs employment too (Redford) pic

I am a black voter who is INSULTED by Hillary. Don't Pander Me. (Black Lives Don't Matter, Black Votes Do) pic

All Wyandotte bartenders (wyandotte)

Re. Is a revolution coming Michael Blood (Detroit)

12647 hipp taylor abc world news tonight living on edge (Taylor) pic

Looking for a softball sponsor for a great team (Allen Park) pic

Mid Day Meditation

Is a revolution coming (Detroit)

God????? (Livonia)

12647 hipp taylor (Taylor) pic

12647 hipp taylor (Taylor)


12647 hipp taylor 48180 (Taylor)

Re re re 12647 hipp taylor (Taylor)

He's got what you need pic

Yep! Bob Bashara was involved! (Detroit) pic

novi food show girls (novi) pic

Re 12646 hipp taylor 48180 warning (Taylor) pic


Warning about crooked realestate agents 12467 hipp taylor must read !! (Taylor) pic

re re I think you people

What kind of person.........

I think you people have it all wrong pic

Re Re 4 out of 12 pic

poor bernie (Huge loss) (Detroit) pic

Sigh. Let me say this again: pic

Devote Dem. White House Intern Endorses Boyfriend's Wife for President (USA) pic

Is Monica Supporting her Boyfriend's Wife for President?? (Scumbag Hillary Clintonville) pic

Poor Hillary LOL! Indictment = Bernie's Nomination (Why Else is Bernie stil in it?) pic

Man I tell you look whats happening (Detroit) pic

women and bad boys

Re: if it quacks like a duck (detroit)

Re: Re: Flowers (Male America) pic


Re Well I for one will be glad when we get past November (Everware) pic

Poor Bernie (Detroit) pic

HotWife Wednesday pic

re November

reDriver of New Black Ford Explorer, Sun 10:15 AM: (I-94 n. of 16 Mile

reWell I for one will be glad when we get past November

RE: Any farmers out there by chance? (Also Monroe County)

Any farmers out there by chance? (Monroe Co.)

Have you got a problem? (Detroit) pic

The Koch brothers do control the congress (the Koch own the republican and teaparty)

GOP/KKK/TEA PARTY (you will never be voted in)

The GOP is morally, fiscally and intellectually bankrupt (Headed for political obscurity..)

Re: husband and marriage (detroit)

Careful! Roseville Craigslist armed robbery suspects arraigned (Roseville, but these guys are Detroiters) pic

Re:RE calling Trump a " clown "

re:Thelma (Farmington)


The Embrace

What! Trump Lost in Wisconsin? pic

stand up and be a MAN pic


Send it to everyone you know! (Detroit) pic

Race Relations pic

Hair trip

Wonder what happened to LOTTERY Money (Don't Blame Snyder) ((kwame_and_carlita_ville) pic

Lets take america back (detroit)

Re: Donald Chrump (Detroit)

Donald Chrump sucks shit out of roadkill (Your Head) pic

Re: Athiest vs America (Detroit) (Heaven, bitch) pic

Oh that Sr. Jack azz (Detroit) pic

Trump Has It In The Bag (Uranus) pic

Trump Hater's Pack Up And Leave (Uranus)

Believe Me I know what I'm talking about! (Detroit) pic

Loan shark needed plz help

Corey Lewandowski (Campaign Trail)

If your salary is suddenly CUT IN HALF !?!... (Wayne County)

The Donald (Detroit) pic

ATTN: All you anti-Trump clueless MO RONS (Libturdville) pic

Ponderosa Steakhouse (allen park) pic

Livonia - ex mayor jack kirksey (aka kooksey) (enemy of the people)

Obama = big ears... Trump = BIG Pinocchio nose... so, what's "new"?;-) (FREE FacialRecognitionSoftware4everybody)

RE: Fucktard Says: (not enough soap to wash your dirty mouth)

RE: Hail President Trump !!!! (deLOONsional Control Operation Center #9)

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