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filing for chapter 7

re: Democrats exercising

goofy little twiddle fuck commie kiddie??????

RE Losing pic

re:disarm the police

"I had a team" (MLK bvld.)

Breaking news!!!!! (Texas) pic

These bitches are out of control

To The ONE who bashes Liberals adnauseum


Maybe the Non-Call was Legit

cowboys-lions (ohio)

50 "Dallas Buyers Club 2" starring: Jerry Jones and the Refs 50 (wayne county) pic

26 possessive 26 (Canton)

The Call (Sea)

lions get screwed


Pictures and silly remarks

44 is there a woman who not asking me to join verifing link? 44 (Southgate)

52 The Wayne Fontes Era 52 (The Glory Days)

reRefs paid off for Dallas win.

Thank You Suh and company (West Mi.)

re: cop knock out (getting stabbed at Greektown) (the OP)

Suh & Detroit..nah nah nah nah.....hey hey hey... (DETROIT)

Re:any real women

60 re:did white house science head say-we must take kids from single pare 60 (detroit) pic

60 re: re The Facts (sic) About Firearm Ownership 60 (detroit) pic

60 re:My shock and surprise that liberals are racist 60 (detroit) pic

re: cop knock out (Lansing) (the OP) (getting stabbed at Greektown)

Re: I must be retarded or something

re: cop knock out (Lansing) (the OP)

52 re re:screw you 52 pic

52 screw you 52

I must be retarded or something.........

re AudibleDinkyTardlets (awlthrewyoo) pic

48 RE. cop knock out 48 (Lansing) pic

Re: black assaults white cop


My friend wins $10,000.00 in reward play at MCC - the catch is? (Metro detroit)

White Cop KNOCKED OUT adding 2 her brain damage as a cop

reBLACK man assaults WHITE cop at courthouse

77 Alaskan Highway (Gift to Canada) 77 (Brrrrrrrland)

re: Dog Owners (where ?)

BLACK man assaults WHITE cop at courthouse (Frank Murphy Hall of Justice)

Re:re:re: why do whites

These liberals (metro detroit)

Reagan stipends... (metro detroit)

Lozer Detroit Feds keystone coppers LMAO (Lozerville)

101 RE re: Suh 101 (human race)

plans fell through (can I come over?) pic

re epa taxing cow farts..


55 Packers fan here :) 55 (Gb)

88 Ndamukong Suh is a DUMBASS 88 (LIONS SUCK) pic

Wow............reality check

Motor city casino needs year end revenue! So we get the SCREW! (Metro detroit)

Shulman Air Freight (Romulus, Mich)

I love those sexy milfs!!

Drug Tester Welfare Recipients

Re; re; Suh

Remind me again.....

Re Re: Stafford

Dont zero out the Lions yet (detroit west side)

Stay Classy... Oh wait

Re: Stafford

rere racist BS

ia yalls reddy fer sum foooootball (loa angeleeeeeese)

Hey you, yea you, internet tough guy pic

Slavery is alive and well!

re racist blacks ?

sexy BBWs pics

78 packers have it 78 pic

Re : Arabs

Men with very fat kids who bash BBW (twinkieville)

re: about shopping carts

A Question for the Arabs (Wayne County)

99 fat sluts 99

33 Planet Fitness 33 (Taylor)

It Goes to CHRUCH, it goes to SCHOOL, it's a GOOD WORD (DON'T Bury the N=Word) pic

I'm sorry, but if you are black ...

I'm thinking about changing my religion (detroit)

re: re re: Merry Christmas from the Republican Party!

Oh yeah, just what we need........... pic

Another innocent young black male lost (mizzou) pic

What is considered rich to people (detroit)

is there any woman on here that not ask to join fake verifing link.

re - re: Want the TRUTH (USA)

You want the TRUTH (USA)

I would like to know ... (wayne county)

Re re:Casino fools (green bay) (allen park)

re: RE re heres an answer Sony X2 (yep - intredasting)

57 RE Avon and more 57

57 re avon and more needs people 57

RE x 3 hot water tank

re Hands up, don't shoot ! (redford)

redemocrat leadership

re hot water tank

reWhy bother helping people out??? (roseville)

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