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Seeking Transformation Artists (Make-up Applications) (Clinton Township)

Hello. My name is Tiffany and i am a gurl. The label\term\name "gurl" is another word for CD (CD = CrossDresser). I am currently\actively in search of those that are great with a brush in makeup applications. I am seeking as MANY artists that come forward with great interest in the job offered. If you got skills in makeup applications and can TRAVEL, then those skills can pay your bills or make a little extra side cash. I do NOT represent the entire LGBTQ CD community, nor am i a spokesperson, but i do have connections and a lot of knowledge\experience in this world with both gurls and admirers of. Many know of me, have inspired many, and many have trust in my words\claims i make\state. Many gurls are in search of an artist who is real, legit, mature, reliable, dedicated, and carry themselves as a professional. This is a specialty service catering to a unique class of clientele, men who desire to look feminine through the application of makeup.One who can transform a male into a female through makeup applications.

I am NOT seeking nor will accept anyone that is a beginner! At the very least, average experience is the minimum.

Posted below is what us gurls seek and expect of those interested in such work, to be taken as a list of requirements.

Age: 18+
Note: Those whom appear to be younger than they look may be required to surrender their valid driver's license for viewing for age verification to any client that has doubts before work is started. Though MOST clients wont make such as request, be advised of this address in the event such a request is made.

Gender and orientation: M/F
The gender of the artist, and\or sexual orientation, is NOT IMPORTANT! What IS IMPORTANT is your skill level of the work! You can be a male, female, TV\TG, CD, Gurl, gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, pan-sexual, etc., it doesn't matter.

Race: Any
As with above gender and orientation, your race is NOT IMPORTANT! Your skill with a brush IS IMPORTANT!

Skill level: Average/Professional
Note: Be advised! Us gurls are NOT seeking the services of beginners! As we seek only those, at the very least, are pretty good at makeup applications on average. The greater your skill level, the greater your clientele base becomes. The more cash you make, nuff said. Currently, the going rate for an artist is between $35 to $50 per job

Pay scale of service: Makeup transformation applications
Currently, the going rate for an artist is between $35 to $50 PLUS mileage\gas compensation per job to be paid in cash full amount after services are rendered. On average, the job can take 45 minutes to an hour. Average passable transformation demands this amount and is reasonable. That's BIG money for an EASY job. Some clients may tip in addition to cost of services provided, BUT IS OPTIONAL. Some clients may even PAY MORE than the going rate dependent on some factors such as how great the application is, abidance in instructions given, reliability, maturity\professionalism, etc..

Travel: Required
Artists that are interested in providing such a service MUST BE ABLE TO TRAVEL! MOST gurls will NOT travel to an artist for various reasons. Very few clients may have you come to their home, while MOST others may have you come to their hotel room to have such work done. Note: Expect one on one presence, client and artist, UNLESS notifications have been given and acknowledged in advance that artist is working on more than one client, in the room when work is performed. MOST gurls will not accept the company of anyone you bring with you into the room for privacy reasons UNLESS agreed\notified in advance. So if any artist is concerned about personal safety\protection, your company MUST wait outside alone.

Additional services:
Skilled artists that may have additional services they can provide to the clients may be addressed. Anything from nail painting\art, body waxing\shaving, etc..

LGBTQ Friendly:
Artists MUST abide to requests from clients in regards to privacy and confidentiality! MOST gurls live this life PRIVATELY! Artists MUST be respectful, non-judgemental, mature, and professional.

Communications: Artist\Client
MOST gurls will establish communications via any method besides cellular for various reasons to assure protections of personal privacy. Such as email and\or chat messengers. Those interested must have an open and active method of communication transmissions in various forms (email, chat, cellular).

Verification meet: Interview
Those interested are REQUIRED to meet with me in person for an interview. This interview is very short as the idea is to verify your legitimacy in your interest with your presence and short communication in person, face to face, and in a public setting. I am NOT looking to play games and waste time. Note: Location of interview meet is in the Clinton Twp. area only and i choose the retail establishment for said meeting. Time and date for the meet will be discussed that works well for both parties. Once the interview is complete, the interested artist will be placed on my list and will be promoted in the community through various private channels. Such promotion will NOT be made publicly. ONLY within the community. If the promoted artist as as good as one's self has claimed to be, then said artist will be invited into the channels for self promotion at one's own pace\schedule\liking. The interview will declare an artist as Verified by myself to all i know in the community. Meaning that an artist is REAL and LEGIT. An artists skill level will only be judged by feedback from your clients shared within the community, everyone has different looks\styles etc.. For those that have a portfolio of past work of clients you wish to show me your work, you may do so but is not required. Note: Requests for my images of past transformation work via email are denied. I will present such images to an artist during the interview meet. got the skills to pay the bills? If so, i suggest you contact me. Positive replies will be answered within 24 to 48 hours. If this ad\post is down, it will be up again shortly as i intend to continue amassing as many artists as possible for several months. Communications with me is STRICTLY email and KiK Messenger ONLY. Those whom are interested may share their cellular number, but wont be used by me.
  • do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers

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