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I have a Panasonic DVCPRO/DV recorder for sale that came from a working recording studio.

Panasonic Broadcast has introduced the AJ-SD255 DVCPRO/DV recorder, a versatile, half-rack size VTR tailor-made for nonlinear editing applications, as well as a variety of production tasks. Compact and easy to carry, the AJ-SD255 can undertake assignments ranging from viewing and dubbing to feeding an NLE system.

The AJ-SD225 performs DVCPRO and DV recording and playback with both standard and Mini-DV cassettes for cost-effective, extended-time applications. In recording and playback (including DVCAM playback), a cassette detection function automatically selects the proper mode. The AJ-SD255 provides up to 126 minutes of continuous recording/playback, permitting the recording of lengthy programming on a single cassette. For field recording, 66-minute cassettes can be utilized without the need for an adaptor.

Adding the optional IEEE 1394 digital interface (the AJ-YAD255G board), the AJ-SD255 can send and receive data in both DVCPRO and DV, and also convert between the two formats. It also offers a function that converts the "unlocked audio" recording during DV input to "locked audio," making the AJ-SD255 especially well suited for NLE applications.

The AJ-SD255 features video input/out (BNC x 3) for composite, component or YC signals; a two-channel 48kHz/16-bit digital audio input/out, as well as one analog cue track. A separate monitor output (BNC, L/R Phono) is also provided. Adding the optional AJ-YA94G board provides serial digital interface (video/audio, SMPTE259M-C/272M) input and output capabilities, making the VTR suitable for use in digital systems at broadcast studios and production facilities.

Users can customize the VTR's operation by assigning functions from the setup menu to each of three programmable function buttons, yielding instant access to the operations used most often. Measuring only 8-1/2" wide, the AJ-SD255 is virtually the same size as a 3U-tall waveform monitor, making it a space-saver in mobile vans. Its light weight (15 lbs.) and convenient handle make it easy to carry, and the joystick has been redesigned to facilitate Slow and Shuttle Search operation. For added convenience, the joystick can also be used to select from the menu and set the time code. The AJ-A95 optional RCU offers 9-pin remote (RS-422A) control. A new design incorporating a slanted panel and joystick facilitates operation and, furthering its flexibility, the VTR is compatible with worldwide voltages.

Compatible with power supplies from 100 to 240 VAC, the AJ-SD255 can be installed almost anywhere in the world. The VTR records/plays data that conforms to the UMID standard, which allows it to read GPS data (latitude, longitude and altitude) recorded by DVCPRO camcorders. The AJ-SD255 can also handle VANC data for Teletext.

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