Selling Albino Python to New Home - $500 (Chesterfield)

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condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: 18 month old Albino Ball Python
size / dimensions: 3+ feet X 1,700+ grams
This is Medusa. She is a very calm 2 year old, female, Albino Ball Python. She has beautiful patterns with vivid color. She is approximately 1,700 grams, over 3 feet long, and still a year away from being fully grown. She has always been handled without issue. She's very calm even for a ball python. Unfortunately, my job has changed and limits the amount of time I am home. I have no use for the tank and supplies without her, so I am selling all of her supplies when she gets rehomed. She has always been healthy and just completed a shed (She sheds every 2 to 3 months). She is fed a medium size rat, once every two weeks. She has never had a problem with eating and does all the work herself. She was almost a year old when I bought her, and I paid $999 just for her. Then another $700 was invested in her environment which all goes with her. Everything is sold as is for a total of $500. She's perfect for breeding and truly is a beautiful snake. Medusa will make a great addition to your family whether you have owned snakes before or are going to be a new snake owner.
She is a female Ball Python which tend to grow bigger than the males. She is perfect for breeding if you are looking for that. She is approximately 1,700 grams and over 3 feet long which allows her to be fed every 14-21 days. I feed her every 2 weeks give or take a day. She is 18 months old. Ball Pythons have a life expectancy of 20 to 30 years. She comes with the 40 gallon tank that has both front and top access, a dual element infrared heating fixture, a heat lamp, a UVB lamp, an under the tank heating pad, two hides, a large water dish, enough premium substrate to change her tank out at least 2 times, white marble for the bottom 3 inches of the substrate, and a few miscellaneous fake plants. I have almost $2,000 invested but will rehome her to a GOOD home for $500. Call show contact info for more information.

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