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I tutor Math at all levels including K-12, most College Math classes, and all standardized tests (SAT/ACT, GMAT/GRE, PCAT, etc). I also tutor for most English classes. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and have almost ten years of tutoring experience. I have consistently produced excellent results and transformational results in some cases. My tutoring experience has taught me one thing: almost no hurdle is insurmountable and often it is simply a case of a different approach to a problem that does the trick.

Many of my recent students have improved significantly within 4-6 weeks. My rates are reasonable and my schedule is flexible. I tutor in person and virtually. I am willing to travel to a certain extent (Oakland/Macomb counties). If you have any questions, please send me an email at chinan26@gmail.com, or you can call/text me at 586-321-3506. I don’t mind chatting for 15-20 minutes and addressing any of your questions/concerns, no strings attached.

Summary of my tutoring approach:

Aside from teaching the Math concepts and formulas, instilling "Self-belief" is a cornerstone of my teaching approach , especially with Middle/High School students. Many students have a mental block when it cones to learning Math and are convinced that they are simply “bad” at Math. I try to make the Math aa simple as possible by breaking it down to simple easy-to-understand steps. Understanding the concepts is as important as cramming formulas. After a few weeks, the mindset of a student can change, ultimately removing their Math phobia. The renewed self-confidence that comes from this can sometimes permeate to all aspects of their academic aspirations. Finally, I have an excellent rapport with almost all my students - this, I believe, is a significant part of my success. Best wishes.

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Chin kumar

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