Live Sound Technician Available (Macomb and Oakland Counties preferrably)

Are you looking for someone to mix your live sound for your band or figure out whats wrong with it or to just make recommendations?. Do you have audio issues elsewhere such as your church, your events, etc ? Is your band always too loud especially in the smaller venues due to loud stage mix or for whatever the reason is?. I have been mixing for years for many multiple piece bands in the area as well as churches and other venues. I'm familiar with a number of mixers, from digital Soundcrafts, Behringers and many other analog boards. I'm very familiar with in ear monitors, as well as Aviom and Behringer personal mixers. I listen to everything, not just the instruments I may personally have a preference to when mixing.

I also play in a Classic Rock band so I have mixed in that area for many years. I can also come in and do a one time mix if you feel after that you can take it from there. Of Course this is easier with digital mixers as you can save your settings, allowing you to tweak the mix based off the gig and venue but analog mixers work just as well. If you are interested in knowing more, please contact me with what you are looking for with details on your current sound setup or any questions and I can get back to you as to whether or not I think I can help you.

I am not looking for any full time mixing position at this time as I am busy with my own band, but would love to help you out when possible including being at one of your gigs. Either reply to this email or you can text me at (586)-(Two-Two-Nine)-(1650) I can give you a quote at that time as well. Though I have done recording, this is for Live Sound Mixing/Issues only ........................ Thank You

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