Dog rehome (Roseville)

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I had serious health issues and can no longer give them the care/attention needed. They are mother and daughter if possible would like to keep them together however am willing to separate if I have to. I have crate, leashes, harnesses, dog bowls, vet records that will go with them. $50 each rehome fee.

Momma Sadie (darker colors) loves kids, and other dogs big and small.
She likes to scoop kibble in her mouth and go lay down somewhere to eat it. She loves cuddles and does not like being crated (she has always been free roaming) she loves her wooby blanket ( small Dog blanket the I tied in a knot for her to carry around. ) She does need a fenced in yard preferably with a 5ft fence.
Loves car rides and going camping.
I clean her ears myself she is a good girl with that and I give her baths myself which takes a minute to get her in but she is very good once in the tub. If taking to a groomer it would have to be “express” because she doesn’t do well being crated.

She’s 3yrs approximately and weighs 75-80 lbs she’s a solid dog and super sweet and vocal when playing. No dietary restrictions… she’s loves using her mouth like a shovel to scoop a mouthful of kibble and go lay down to eat it lmao
She shakes and high fives and loves giving kisses. She loves ice cream and loves to burrow under covers when she’s cold. She does not like to be crated and doesn’t need to be she is good and goes potty outside.
Definitely needs a fenced yard at least 5ft she can jump fences however usually it was because her dog friends were coming over to play and she gets excited.
She loves car rides and she’s been camping with me however it was at my friends property where she did not have to be on a leash and slept in the tent with me and the other dogs. Has her rabies tag and is registered both in Macomb and Westland.

Jolene (white with black/gray spots)
Super friendly and gets along with all dogs big and small and loves kids. Crate trained (will go in crate if you tell her to go to her room) and house trained. Her mom is the other dog Sadie. Loves cuddles and has been camping with me. Has lots of energy as she’s still young so a yard or dog park or walks. Has her rabies tags for Westland/wayne county. She does get nervous with new things (linoleum floors, stairs) until she is used to it then she is fine.

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