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She wanted a Love like Christ loves the church
But she was missing
Not in attendance
Can't pretend that is feeling will go away. She could have a closed heart but. . . even hearts beat through cages so there is no way she could stay locked up inside
There is nowhere to hide from God's Love it will find you
Like the sun that finds a way to shine through the clouds
She keeps telling herself that she can live without it
She will not die
She won't be hung on a cross because she committed no crime
As time passes...the days seem like they are fading
Like the color from fabric
She wish she could use tide
She can no longer hide the stains
The light is shining from the stained glass windows in the Cathedral
She is praying
People have been saying so much
But she is putting the voices tto silence
And trying to hear the voice of the Lord
She feels so tired...wishing she could get inspired
She doesn't know where to start
Look inside her own heart
That's beating
But hearts beat through cages
Like her emotions have so many stages
Each one putting on a performance but not winning any awards
She is wondering what is the reward for patience...they say good things come to those who wait.
But what about the bad?
She is glad to be a believer
But she doesn't know what to feel.
Sometimes she wishes certain things weren't real
She wishes dreams could take over reality
And live the visions she sees in her sleep.. then she would find some peace
Her heart would no longer have to beat through cages
It would just beat
And whatever spirit trying to kill, steal and destroy she could replace with joy
Because the Love of God was greater than love of man
Its a true..deep unconditional love and overcomes any circumstance
It's filled with hope , peace and harmony, light, grace and truth
She is grateful for God's love
It never fails, never leaves, never lies, never deceives
and never dies
It lives like the great redwood and climbs heights
Over mountain tops like Eagles it flies
It's everlasting and pure like water flowing from a stream..God's love is not exclusive it's for every human's free there is no price because Christ already paid for it on the cross...
To reach all who are broken, torn apart and all who are lost...his love...
More warm than any blanket more precious than any the greatest love ever known...
No longer searching
No longer seeking
God is speaking
Are you listening?
Through the darkness
I can feel you reaching
Not in church
But steadily preaching
Like Peter on water
I'm walking out on faith
Faith is a paved road
Faith is a rose waiting to unfold
To reveal the gorgeous beautiful plan
Holding Jeremiah 29:11 in my hands
Not waiting on a rock on my left hand
Christ already took my hand and kissed it because He loved me from the womb
Rose up from the tomb...and knew that I would bloom if I would only
trust and give my heart to He . . .Open up my eyes because I am a part of His glory
May He be glorified
Tears I cry
I rise ...over and over again
Like the sun every morning He made me new...He knew I would feel this pain...but put his power in my veins to endure pass a testimony...let me testify...that I'm not waiting for "I Do"
I believed Him when He said "I Love You" it was love at first sight but I didn't see Him He saw me....set me free dollar bills needed In God I trust...

In God is my heart...He holds the cage and allows me to breathe....every breath I make me grow closer ....He is the original creator ...the master you want to know who I love? I love who first loved me.....that is the love I yearn for...that is the love I need no longer missing....just growing...understanding...that everything happens for reasons we will never get...Things go...people pass...opportunities leave....But God's love is deep like the ocean....with no could drown in it...get lost in it overwhelms the's beyond grand piano it plays an endless tune......God's love the greatest valentine's day...His love unlike the love of man will never fade she will

Be washed in the tide... her colors will be vibrant and beautiful ...she will baptized.. and sing His gospel.. like there is no tomorrow...write verses....for a new song...while reading verses of the Bible ...letting her light shine before men...this is her pen....she's a perfect reflection of his affection....she will love this life and in the weapon formed against her shall demonic force shall stop her....this child of love and of the light will write the wrongs.. she dedicates this poem to her true Love...thank you...I needed you more than I needed my five senses. ..thank you for the love that is endless..

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