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George is the crime boss of the drug-infested neighborhood where he was raised, tortured and abused. Lennie is the enforcer, a simple-minded giant that is as loyal as he is brutal. The duo are a dichotomy of lifestyles, George a thin, lean, drug user, Lennie a massive man that trains in combat. George is a pimp, liar, thief and killer, Lennie the gentle soul that does what George tells him to. George's abuse started as a child, his father murdered, his mother turned into a crack-whore. Lennie has never known his father, but together they can take on anyone, their survival in the urban jungle depends on it. George and Lennie's life unfolds around the ghetto tenement building where they were born and raised, a den of criminals, where there is no joy, just life and death. George is always plotting ways to get ahead and get his revenge on those that abused him, while Lennie meets a little girl with a pet rabbit; both become the bringers of death to those that have abused them and try to take what is theirs.
What you are about to read is not for the faint of heart. This story includes extreme examples of violence, murder, profanity, abuse, torture, drug use, rape and incest. This is what I would call an NC-17/Rated R type of story, so please read at your own risk. I felt that a story that is depicting actions in a criminalistic or abusive environment should be as accurate as possible. Criminals swear, they really do, they do in my book too. Murderers kill people in real life, and also in my book. Pedophiles do what they do in real life, and here as well. I think that you get the point, however, at no point in my story do I want to come across as glorifying any of these activities, no matter how I have described them.

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