Conures for Rehoming (Oakland County)

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We have a pair of conures in need of rehoming. They are a bonded pair. $1,800 firm, needs appropriate cage. The male is a standard hybrid green cheek conure, Sean Conure-E. His hybrid trait is orange epaulets on his shoulders. We estimate his age at five years. He came to us as a breeder's reject, he refused to mate and was living in a cage the size of a shoebox. He speaks a few phrases and steps up. The bonded partner is a female Pineapple green cheek conure. We estimate her age at four years, her name is Effie Shunt. She sat unsold at Petsmart for two years, living in a cage unsuitable for her and in isolation before we brought her home. The two living descendants are male yellow sided green cheeks with bright orange epaulets on the shoulders.

We are looking to rehome, not due to any issue other than we have too many birds at this time. They are a lovely couple that need more time and attention. Experienced family, no children. Effie is a biter when provoked, she tends to favor males in the home. She will step up to my husband, but refuses to step up to me. Sean will bite (all birds do) out of protection of his mate. They are used to spending time outside of their cage everyday. They get a wing clip every spring so they can sit outside on our porch with us and eat the clover and dandelion in the yard. The wing clip grows out and no it doesn't impact them negatively, it helps to keep them safe. They are fully flighted inside the house during the winter months.

No breeders. These birds are family pets and deserve a better home than we can provide. No smokers, no dogs.

If interested, please provide a veterinary referral, a basic plan for care, and your intent on purchasing these birds.

Thank you.

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