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Hello! I am in search for a large parrot. Preferably a macaw, but i am not picky.

Willing to drive a couple hours, and pay a fair rehoming fee.

I am very experienced with macaws, and would be able to offer a safe, enriched, and loving home.

I am looking for a macaw because my sweet girl Plato (pictured above) passed recently. Here is her story:

Around 7 months ago i worked with my first solo rescue. She was a 30 year old, blind, disabled blue and gold macaw. Both of her wings were broken at a young age, and she never got them fixed. She was living in a small, messy cage with no toys, and being fed peanuts, bacon, and red 40 pellets. When i saw an add on facebook for her, i knew that I needed to step in. I took her home, named her Plato, and loved her like a child. She adored all the other birds in my flock, was gentle, and the sweetest bird I’ve ever met. Unfortunately, both me and my vet could tell that Plato was nearing the end of her life. She had some underlying intestinal issues from her previous poor diet.
From that point on, i made it my mission to give her the best last cupule months i could. I would make fresh food for her daily, take her outside on her harness to flap her wings, even though she couldn’t fly, made her fresh new forage toys weekly, And gave her all the love attention in the world.
2 weeks ago, Plato passed. It was inevitable, but i still cant believe shes gone. I have decided to dedicate my life from this point on to taking in the birds that may be “inperfect” or “difficult” to some eyes. And give them the life that they deserve.

Thank you for reading.

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