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Perhaps you could benefit from getting your factoids straight.

1- "FACT: Russia tried to interfere in our election BUT there are (sic) no proof Russia helped Trump." If help was not given Trump, why in hell so many lies? Why lie about conversations to build a Trump Tower in Moscow? Or his knowledge of the Kushner, Trump Jr. meeting? Or cabinet members meetings with Russian operatives? Why is Manafort in prison for chrissake? And all this from one who posted until only a month ago that Russian interference was a hoax!
2- "FACT: Your president conducted obstruction. Really??" Really? Pity you squawk on and on about a report you haven't even cracked, let alone studied in full. The report states clearly that "Russia did help Trump get elected. And Trump cannot make this fact disappear, even though he has spent more than two years trying." and: Mueller opened and closed his comments with a forceful denunciation of 2016 Russian interference. Mueller described "the sweeping scope and seriousness of the criminality at its core, the ways it undermined our democracy and political system, and its goal of hurting one candidate — Trump’s opponent."
3- "FACT: No other president has been as devisive (sic) to this country with his WORDS and actions." Perhaps you could benefit from learning the definition of divisive. No other president in my life time has attacked the family of a fallen soldier, or a war hero extraordinaire in his own party, ESPECIALLY after dodging the draft himself. No one has asked a supporter to attack a protester, an employer to fire a protester, an ally not to admit a sitting congressperson to their country. No one has called a neighboring, sovereign country a "shit hole." None other have so coddled and made deference to the most despicable, murderous, tyrant dictators on the globe.

We get it. You are a tunnel visional, singular, one dimensional Trump loyalist. There is nothing this president could do to lose your support. You have told us so. Like a good Brownshirt, you are willing for a loved one to take a bullet for Trump, and call it making America great again. Not the greatest qualifications for trying to lecture us on Democratic politics. Now when you flag this, as surely you will before the clock strikes twelve, flag it all! Flag your silly self arguments, ALL OF IT hypocrite.
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