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There you go again, pinning random posts on one person. You sound like a whining child saying "they did it too." Two can play that game. The posting just below your last reply was just plain juvenile, immature obscenities. Why did YOU post that crap? Is that a true democrat agenda, as defined by Urban Dictionary? Really. Urban Dictionary? You're a fool....

If you have the balls, walk up to any Florida/Georgia construction worker & call him a "cracker." You'll get cracked alright. If a black man walked up to you & said, "I'm going to beat the shit out of you, Cracker" & proceeds to beat you to a bloody pulp, that attacker would be charged with a hate crime.

Now, in this day and age, are you saying it's politically correct to call a southern white man a cracker, which you did.

There are many definitions of cracker, all depending on how you use the term. You tied the term to a southern white man, showing your racial ignorance. You:re a fool, a self righteous bigoted fool.

Yup,,, I refer to the past President as O'Bama, in honor of his white Irish catholic Mother. Yup...I called him a liar for using his dying Mother in a bald face lie to pass his political agenda. Yup....when O'Bama flooded the Mexican drug cartels with military grade assault weapons (causing the death of 600 Mexicans & US citizens), I called him a murderous tratior. And when you can Google "coke oral sex limo" and come up with a wild sex story involving O'Bama....that's not homophobic, it's a sex story involving O'Bama, just like your Billy Bush story... When O'Bama gave $150 billion to Iran, shut down a Federal multi year drug smuggling investigation to appease Iran, in my book that's high treason, not to mention O'Bama's illegal attempts to involve Anerican banks in Iranian money laundering.

As for Hillarious, Lynch, Rice, the biased cronnies in the FBI, DOJ, etc....THEY'RE ALL PROVEN LIARS. And Hillarious is just one mean bitch, as proven by her past actions.

Being the good little racist liberal, you'll hide behind the 15th century, mid English definition of the word.

How hypocritically liberal....
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