volvo P-1800 b-20 engine - $3,000 (AUBURN HILLS)


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condition: excellent
make / manufacturer: volvo
volvo b-20 complete race engine needs refreshing has been run a race season

built by Sam Moore for SCCA racing . will power a P1800 or 142 or 144 and earlier

( if you never heard of sam moore look him up under .............sam moore volvo scca racing ...............)

THIS WAS BUILT FOR ME BY sam MOORE when i was racing in ITB SCCA . i ran this particular engine a season , it needs refreshing . it was built with no expense considered . )
it was installed and used .

After a long afternoon at the emergency room at the mansfield hospital ( near mid ohio race course ) trying to remember who i was and what day of the week it was , i decided to give up racing and i stored things including this engine . . It was built to and for race specs . and for the nationals that i did not go to .

after refreshing it will have the same race qualities and will be an exact "bolt in" to any VOLVO 142 144 OR P1800 TO 1973.5 It can be installed to replace a B18 or 1800 engine as it is the same external size .

this price is 1/3 that i paid Sam for labor to build this years ago . some of the magic is still there .

this is a complete race engine but is totally runable as a street engine
for those who cannot read or do not read , how can i help them ?>???? . this item for sale is the engine , it is the engine ,. it is not the car . the car is for sale but not with this engine the car is a seperate item .. if this is hard to understand please re read .

my company ................who We Are :

We are a 100.00% independent company, independent of VW.

We're Recycled Inc. We sell PARTS for all Volkswagen's. We are a brick and mortar parts store warehouse and salvage yard in Auburn Hills, Michigan, selling new, used, and rebuilt parts for Volkswagen's. We have all sorts of parts for Volkswagen. Just let us know if there is something you are looking for. We have been in business since before you were born (40 + years). We have 15,000 sq. ft. warehouse 25 feet tall full of new and used stuff. And we're a real business with lights, telephones and friendly, knowledgeable staff selling real parts we have on the shelf. We're not some guy with a hotmail account working out of his parents' basement drop-shipping parts he doesn't even have. We sell items from 1960-2010, with emphasis on "daily driver" parts. We sell parts that make your cars go. We don't specialize in restoration or racing parts, so ordinary items are important to us.

We have a real building with real store hours, if you have a problem and it can't be resolved you can come and see us.

We are located at 2500 Commercial Drive, Auburn Hills, Michigan 48326. Located on Interstate I-75 exactly at the 80 mile marker. 80 miles north of the Ohio line right on the freeway. The side of our building is a 20' x 120' mural of Parts of Volkswagen's.

The Fine Print

Recycled Inc. is an independent company and is in no way affiliated with any car company or car auto parts manufacturer. All illustrations are original creations of an artist and designer and are protected by international copyright laws. Recycled Inc. is not associated with or endorsed by Audi AG, Volkswagen AG, Audi of America, or Volkswagen of America or any of their affiliates in any manner.

We are NOT the Volkswagen Corporation or a VW dealer.

We sell Parts for VW's. These come from various sources; we buy from VW itself, VW dealers, dealers going out of business, shops and wholesalers going out of business, suppliers to VW, aftermarket suppliers etc. VW's are made around the world from Germany to the USA, to Mexico etc etc. Their suppliers sell to VW and others and us.

We in NO way want to imply, infer, or state that our company is a VW Dealership or authorized VW parts outlet, nor are all or most of the items we sell, purchase, or warranted or assumed to be from the official VW parts chain. We do sell some parts we purchase through the VW parts chain and we sell other stuff. We sell parts taken off real VW's.

As stated we are a 100% independent company. Kabish, Capisc?

Any manufactures part # listed are for reference only and do not imply a specific manufacture nor does it imply the part we are selling is made or sold by VW itself or any other specific manufacturer or company it may or may not be. The reference # is to tell you our part will replace this part.

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