Want to help organize a regular pop-up tent weekend (Ave of Fashion)? (Detroit)

19456 Livernois Ave

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I am a volunteer coach for startup entrepreneurs and I just moved here from Seattle to stay.

I work with other startup services to help new entrepreneurs keep their costs low and stay on track with their goals.

I would love to find someone to team up with to expand the pop-up tent shop culture in Detroit near the Livernois Ave area.

I have this idea that we can draw attendance by featuring IRL influencers demonstrating amazing products they have found online. This would allow us to work through influencer channels to spread word and promote content for the weekend events.

I am looking forward to hear your ideas too. I am retired and would be organizing and fundraising to get these tents as cheap as possible for anyone who wants to start a business through this method.

Want to volunteer with me and try it? If you have a pop-up tent idea or established business, do you want me to keep you in the loop on my progress? In either case, please reply to this post.

I think it would be about a 10 hour commitment each week for my partner and more like 24 hours weekly for me.

We might be able to charge someday after we become established… but I am not sure I want to go that route because I personally think entrepreneurs are worthy of volunteer hours, especially if they are creating new jobs in the tough market right now.

If you are interested, please respond with information about who you are, a photo, and some reasons why you would make a great partner for this.

We would be networking and really helping to continually support the startup community for as long as we want and that may benefit you somehow for your work or ambitions.


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