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Hiii my name is Sunshine and I am an energy healer and touch therapist. If you ask me a question that is answered in this ad I will not respond. READ THE FULL AD.
Yes, those pics are all recent, real, and of me.. My goal in life is to spread positive energy through my touch. I may seem very serious in this ad but it is to scare away all the p3rvs and time wasters.. but I assure you, I am a very fun loving ray of light once we establish that you aren't some cr33p looking to get his rocks off from random girls online. If you are; please don't contact me.

I am 100% professional so please treat me like you would treat your local spa: i.e don't ask me for s3xual favours. Do not be unprofessional in any way by calling me baby, babe, etc. When booking a service please provide a date and time that works best for you (for example, "can I see you Thursday at 3?" is waaaay better & easier for me too book than you asking "What is your availability" :) )
Once again I DO NOT provide anything erotic. If it isn't PG then I will not do it! If we are in a session and you ask me for anything PG-13 i.e a kiss, happy 3nd!ng etc.. I RESERVE THE RIGHT TO END THE SESSION IMMEDIATELY WITHOUT PROVIDING YOU A REFUND >:) and I will. If a woman wants to kiss you, you'll know. Stop asking.
All my services start at $150 an hour (no negotiations or discounts. That is what I feel an hour of my energy is worth regardless of what we are doing.)

All Hours 11am - 8pm. All bookings before or after these hours are an extra $50. Appointments after midnight or before 8 am are an extra $100.
Massages: 30 minutes = $100, 1 hour = $150, 90 mins = $225.
You do not have to be clothed and I offer add ons like aromatherapy, cupping, and more (once again, NOTHING sexual.) But I will NEVER BE NUDE
We can be at my private studio; this studio is NOT at my home but it is completely private. OR I can come to you for extra $$$ depending on your location. The further you are, the more money it costs. IF I go to your house I ask that you put all dogs in a cage. Cats are OK tho.

Cuddling: Cuddling is also strictly platonic but extremelyyyy necessary. UGH I love a good cuddle session. My number one request is that you are freshly showered and teeth brushed and I will do the same! I love long, warm hugs and have been professionally cuddling for 3 years now <3 Most clients prefer to cuddle after a massage. You can be nude but once again; if you do anything that makes me uncomfortable I reserve the right to leave without giving you a refund. So have some self control.
Cuddling is $100 for 30 mins and $150/hr Same as massage, we can do it at my private work studio OR at your home if you are willing to pay the extra traveling fee.

gatsbv@hotmail.com is my email; @trillionairethingz is my IG and suns.hi is my snapchat. I am 100% real and will not be sending you pics for "proof". If my professionalism turned you off then I did a good job; I am not here to turn you on. I'm here to provide an esoteric experience and have you feeling comfortable in you body and at peace with your soul. I understand a lot of women guise pr0stitutiun under massage therapist: I am not one of them. Leave me alone. When you're ready for a true healing session then I am the girl for you. IIF you're ready for me and think you can take on all this light and loving energy, contact me! Until then, take care <3
Love, Sunshine

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