Handyman Wanted (Eastside)

compensation: $20-++ hr cash or cash app
I am looking for a handyman type guy who wants to work full or part time. We service private Landlords in Macomb, Wayne and Oakland counties.

Basically we get houses rent ready so when someone moves out after they destroy the place, we would be the guys that go in and patch walls, paint, clean things up, fix whatever is needed..ect. We also do house clean outs and yard and fence line cleanups..

REQUIREMENTS: You have to have transportation, basic tools and know how to fix things and think on your feet. Many jobs we do, I will get you started with the needed materials, give you a punch list and expect you to complete the things on the list to the best of your ability.

(Also, you have to be able to start ASAP. If you have other projects going on and are not available, DO NOT REPLY!)

If you think you're a good fit, feel free to inbox me.. Pay starts at $20/$25 an hour but I would never rule out paying more if you demonstrate that you are competent and know what you are doing. The more skills you have, the more valuable you are to me.

Please start by telling me what skills you have and a contact phone number.
Let me know that you can start immediately, have your own transportation, tools and know how to fix common household issues.

If you are a person who has a lot of excuses, do not reply.
If you don't drive and don't have your own tools, do not reply
If you have court issues or baby mama drama, do not reply
If you are just tring to make money so you can get weed, alcohol or drugs, do not reply

Sorry to sound negative but I am simply weeding out people that I know will never work out...

Now, if you meet the criteria, feel free to send me an email!

Thanks in advance!

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